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Aylestone Meadows

South of the City between Aylestone and Rowley Fields

The Aylestone Meadows is part of Leicester Riverside and is the largest single area of green open space in the city, forming a wedge of land between Aylestone and Narborough Roads opening out as it continues southwards to the city boundary by the Soar Valley Way, most of which is part of Aylestone Meadows Local Nature Reserve.

A sense of being in a natural environment exists despite it being very much within the urban area of the city, a real escape to the countryside on the doorstep and with easy access at all times of the year, there is always something to see and enjoy, whatever the weather

Nature Conservation 

Aylestone Meadows comprises of many acres of nature reserve and is an important wildlife corridor through Leicester providing habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Parts of the site are designated as Local Nature Reserve and they support many wetland and grassland species particularly in the flood meadows that are grazed by the longhorn cattle.  These include Slender Spike Rush, which has not been found in Leicestershire & Rutland since 1800 and is usually a coastal plant of the salt marshes; Tubular Water Dropwort a rapidly declining species; and Marsh Arrow Grass.  It is also home to a unique willow that is a quadruple hybrid between Goat, Grey and Purple Willows together with Osier, a new record not just for Leicestershire but for the whole of the British Isles.

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Map showing Aylestone Meadows